The 'One Stop' Shop for all your Survey Requirements
The 'One Stop' Shop for all your Survey Requirements

Applications and benfits of having a Full Utility Mapping Survey

There are numerous advantages in undertaking a full utility survey. Some of the most common applications and the thought process behind the decision to conduct a utility survey are listed below:

Some Common Applications


  • Project planning
  • Route planning
  • Record-less brown field sites
  • Clear route proving
  • Replace expensive trial holing
  • Resurfacing schemes
  • Road and footway widening schemes
  • Urban tree planting
  • Long distance pipe/cable tracing
  • Updating site utility records
  • Connection location

In General - Why do you need a Utility Survey?


  • Poor accuracy of statutory service records
  • No depths are recorded on statutory service records
  • No records are available on brown field sites
  • Helps aid design and can influence proposed site layout
  • Contributes to fulfilling HSE and CDM obligations
  • Reduces risk, potential injury, down time when excavating 

Health and Safety


  • 4 Million holes are dug annually in the UK
  • 75,000 reported utility strikes each year
  • HSG47 advises the use of Ground Penetrating Radar
  • CDM regulations
  • Duty of care
  • Corporate manslaughter
  • Service strikes can KILL !

Financial and Time considerations


  • Plan around expensive diversion costs
  • Reduce potential fines and penalties
  • Avoid expensive repair costs
  • Less down-time and site delays
  • No requirement for notices
  • Time is MONEY !

Environmental benefits


  • Non-Invasive techniques
  • Biodegradable water based paint
  • No ugly reinstatements
  • Reduced traffic hindrance and delays
  • Little or no disruption to the public
  • No noise pollution

Adverse publicity


  • Keep you and/or your clients OUT of the headlines !

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